Prairna has a corporate background of over 10 years and experience of working with 3 out of top 5 Fortune companies of the world, namely GE Capital, American Express and HSBC. Client servicing and providing customized solutions has been the training that she has always received. With 6 plus years of experience in successfully planning Luxury Private Social Events & Weddings, Prairna has covered luxurious destinations both in India and countries abroad like Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Las Vegas, Nepal and Indonesia and her work in terms of design, planning and execution has been appreciated globally in the Industry forums - including achieving a Gold this year by the Great Indian Wedding Awards 2018 at ICWF. She considers the experiences of all clients with EventzInspired, makes it a recognized brand today in space of curating Luxury events.

Prairna Khuller

SWENA SHARMA Coordination

Swena is in charge of every facet of the event being incharge of the projects she is involved in. She takes it on herself to monitor and oversee every aspect of an event – from the time of planning to what has been conceptulized to seamless execution of the same. She is meticulous and takes every effort to ensure no significant point is missed out. As an Event Coordinator, Swena needs to ensure that even the ‘shrimp cocktail stays cold if the list mentions it and the hired band stays hot’.

Swena Sharma

AKASH GUPTA Production

Akash is the Event Production central engine and is key to an event’s set up and entertainment part of it. Pre production to planning and successful implementation, all comes in his portfolio. Akash is responsible for effeciently working on the vision of the client, effectively with both set up and costings that have been defined. He thrives under pressure and his focus and insights in handling unforeseen situations is what we in the team dig on.

Akash Gupta


As her designation suggests, Enakshi is our go-to girl for providing complete hospitality support to our clients. She comes on with a high level of customer service, communicating with clients & guests with warmth & politeness, ensuring every little requirement of theirs is looked into. She ensures all guests are well looked after, their needs met, and that they are always met with smiling faces and quick turnaround of issues and concerns.

Enakshi Ghosh


Saurabh Jain, a man of his word has been managing transport and concierge perfectly with an attitude of a persistent smart worker. Absolutely in command with punctuality, this person is an epitome of efficiency and responsibility. To add an icing on the cake, he has been known for his smiling face even after being on foot for a whopping 20 hours.

Saurabh Jain